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Build Your
On-Demand Workforce.

Build Your
On-Demand Workforce.

Build, manage and scale an external virtual workforce of trusted high-skilled On-Demand talent. Eradicate location-based barriers to team growth. Hire trusted talent in an instant. All from a powerful technology platform.

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The On-Demand Workforce Management platform of choice for the Enterprise. OpenTalent enables companies to hire qualified trusted freelance talent at scale, lower acquisition costs by sourcing remote, drive efficiencies in total workforce management and generate actionable insights.

Think <span>Skills 
at Scale.</span>

Think Skills
at Scale.

In today's world, company's existing employee populations increasingly lack access to critical skills. OpenTalent offers a unique operating model to build an on-demand workforce. Get ahead by hiring trusted on-demand talent and unlock new skills from within the existing workforce.

<span>for the Enterprise.</span>

for the Enterprise.

Designed for modern enterprises and fast-growing companies, the OpenTalent platform brings a holistic view of your agile workforce with a powerful 'skills-based' algorithm to match internal tasks, gigs & projects with the best-fit candidate.

Where <span>Trust
Is Everything.</span>

Where Trust
Is Everything.

We believe in a new way of working whereby we unlock opportunities for talent and companies to drive value, irregardless of location. To do so successfully we feel the need to instil trust; in the people and clients we work with, the processes we follow and the technology we develop.

Hire From Vetted
<span>Talent Pools.</span>

Hire From Vetted
Talent Pools.

Grow your on-demand workforce by sourcing from the OpenTalent network; best-in-class EU-based freelancers, agencies and consultancies that work remotely as a trusted extension of your company's DNA.

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<span> Experts.</span>

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Agile Workforce

Agile Workforce

Automate workflows and data streams through direct integrations with popular remote collaboration tools and leading HCM technologies including SAP SuccessFactors and Workday.

In-Demand Skills, On-Demand.

Build, Manage and Scale an On-Demand Workforce with OpenTalent.

Compliancy Ensure 100% compliance with company and regulatory requirements.

Transparency Get insights on people, practices, performance and productivity.

Security Enterprise-grade data protection and cloud infrastructure.

Brokerage End-to-end payrolling and talent contract management.

Vetted Talent Acces to trusted pre-screened remote talent pools.

Automation Integrate effortlessly with leading Enterprise HCM applications.

Cost savings Benefit from lower blended rates by hiring top talent remotely.

Scalability Turn your workforce into a marketplace of skills, for on-demand access at scale.

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