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Remote Talent Brokerage

Hiring freelance talent from outside your own country can be very attractive, but also daunting. They may appear to have the right skills at attractives rates, but how can you be sure of their quality? And how do you hire somebody abroad, without running the risk of breaking international labor laws? And what about international payments and legal contracts?

OpenTalent is the remote talent broker for companies to hire remote, on-demand talent across the EU, secure and hassle-free.

Our service

The core of our service consists of finding the right talent, screening talent and ensuring talent can get to work in a way that is compliant with all internal and external regulations. We take care of all contractual and financial handling of talent. Using our service, you will get all the benefits of a Managed Service Provider, fully transparant and at competitive prices.

  1. Screened, compliant talent
    Remove risk through hiring talent that has been thoroughly vetted. We verify talent through a series of checks, for example background, insolvency, and criminal record checks as well as social media verification. We also verify and administer the necessary documentation such as ID and local registration of legal entity. Compliancy with GDPR is secured through yearly check-ins with the talent, asking them to check and update their profile.
  2. Automated contracting in line with EU-regulations
    As an employer you want to make sure that temporary staff is contracted according to international laws regarding project-based work. We help you find the right contract template, for Independent Contractors or Agencies, and ensure clear conditions for the talent to get started.
  3. Financial management
    We take care of the processing of invoices, as well as payments. We make sure al payments are done on time and according to all internal and external regulations, including full compliance under PSD2 regulation and KYC. At any point in time, you and the talent can check the financial status of your collaboration.
  4. Single source of truth for your entire flex workforce
    Host your on-demand contingent workforce in a ‘private pool’ on the OpenTalent platform, secure cloud-based technology accessible at any point in time. Hiring managers get to find and re-hire people easily. HR/ Finance manager get access to workforce insights like spend and performance.

The OpenTalent network

At OpenTalent we have our own network that consist of top freelancers, agencies and consultancies across the European Union.

Skills-Based framework Our network is built up around in-demand IT and Digital skills. For a general idea, you can use OpenTalent for access to people with the following set of example skills:

Solutions Hard Skills (espertise) Soft Skills
Docker Mobile development iOS Time management
SQL Server Scrum Attention to detail
Unix Cloud Computing Problem-solving
Azure System Administration Creativity
GitLab Data Visualisation Team player
JavaScript Language Processing Adaptability
Tableau Product management Work ethics

Examples of roles that we can help with include: • MVP/prototyping • Machine Learning • Artificial Intelligence • Data Science • UX/UI design • Back-end development • Front-end development • Cloud (AWS, Azure) • Mobile development (iOS, Android) • Web development • Service designers

How it works When Clients seek to fill a certain role, like an Artificial Intelligence expert, the team at OpenTalent helps by first identifying the skill set most applicable for the job to be done. This will be a function of Solutions, Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

For example, typical Solutions know by Artificial Intelligence experts could include Scikit Learn, UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Keras, CNTK, Auto ML, OpenNN, Google ML Kit. Typical Hard skills could include statistics, probability, cognitive learning theory, language processing. To determine a candidate’s cultural fit with Clients, OpenTalent allow for a deeper search based on the Soft skills of a candidate, like being a Team player or having great Work ethics.

OpenTalent’s skills-based search algorithm will match a project/role with the best-fit person based on their skills. Searches start by looking for candidates with a Client’s private pool of contingent talent. In case no-one is available from a Client’s private talent pool, the algorithm will search for the best-fit candidate within the entire OpenTalent network.

For more information regarding the skills, roles and the search process of the OpenTalent platform, please send an email to