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The talent pooling platform that matches your needs.

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional talent pooling solutions? OpenTalent offers an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternative that transforms the way you manage and engage with potential candidates.

Live with +36.000 pre-filled Talent Pools for companies 👇

Struggling with Talent Pooling?

High Complexity

Non-intuitive systems can make talent pooling complex, which leads to inefficiencies in finding candidates.

Poor Integrations

Poor integrations with existing HR tools are a common issue in talent pooling, which can disrupt workflows.

Limited Filters

Many solutions have inadequate or non-working filters, making candidate searches difficult and time-consuming.

High Costs

Many talent pooling solutions are expensive and do not provide sufficient value for the cost.

Low Engagement

Low candidate engagement in many talent pooling solutions results in the loss of top talent and outdated profiles.

Privacy Risks

Significant concerns about data privacy, GDPR and security vulnerabilities are common.

Goodbye Talent Pooling headaches...

OpenTalent is your all-in-one, user-friendly Talent Pooling solution designed to streamline processes and enhance candidate engagement while bringing exceptional value. Transform the way you manage talent and source directly with the OpenTalent platform.

See who already applied to your Talent Pool

Build your Dream Team.

Everything starts with building your talent pool: the place where you bring together your favourite candidates for instant, easy access.

Invite anyone to your community.

Send traffic to your community page.

Get leads and build relationships.

Now live with +45.000 vetted professionals - ready to join your team

Sourcing made SUPER easy.

Get instant matches of the best candidates inside your community, or from the broader OpenTalent network with pre-screened professionals from all over Europe.

Talent Card

+1.500 recruiters at your fingertips.

Can't find the right candidate? Add a Finder’s Fee to your job for  Europe's top recruiters to start sending you matching candidate - no cure, no pay.

Turn static resumes into
engaged talent.

OpenTalent ensures candidates stay engaged for up-to-date profiles, ready to work with you when the time is right.

From static resumes to engaged fans

Discover new trends.

We'll provide you with intuitive, data-driven insights on your candidates and their skills.

Enhance your ATS setup.

Working with an ATS? No worries! We offer integrations with every leading ATS provider to streamline your hiring workflows.

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Talent-centricity is Why Things Work.

Recruiters care deeply about their candidates. So in everything we do, we make sure the experience is centred around candidates' needs.

High-precision job matching

Networking with like-minded peers

Access to new income streams

Exclusive Perks & Benefits


"OpenTalent got me a great discount at a premium co-working space, which became a hub for valuable professional connections."




"Found a stellar remote role in a top Dutch company thanks to OpenTalent. Couldn't be happier."




“Just two weeks after setting up my profile, I was contacted for a role that was a perfect fit for my skill set. I got the job soon after.”


Data Scientist


“The job matches I get from OpenTalent are spot-on. Saves me hours in job searching.”


QA Tester

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Customer story - ABN AMRO

The recruiting team at ABN AMRO saw +80% lower costs per hire and a 50% reduction in ‘time-to-hire’ after working with OpenTalent.


“OpenTalent is perfect for connecting our freelancer network with assignments. Its simplicity and user-friendliness make it a great tool for ABN AMRO, as well as for our freelancers.”

Linda Beugeling

Domain Expert Flex-Staffing

Support Services

We offer a series of value-adding services to support recruiters and companies in realising their hiring goals, including RPO, Talent Pooling, and Analytics.


Leverage our Recruiter Marketplace to find top talent across Europe - no cure, no pay.

Talent Pooling

Leading MSP build, manage and grow your talent community, boosting efficiency.


Access custom insights about your talent community to build strategic talent pipeline.

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