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Go Flex!

Go Flex!

Meet OpenTalent - The Flexible Workforce System that empowers companies to hire, manage and scale an on-demand workforce of high-skilled talent, available remotely or on-site, who feel and act like a trusted extension of a company’s DNA.

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A Better Way To
<span>Grow Teams</span>

A Better Way To
Grow Teams

With more and more people thinking differently about how, when and where they work, OpenTalent's mission is to boost flexible working across the economy - all through one platform.

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A Flexible Extension
<span>To The Workforce</span>

A Flexible Extension
To The Workforce

OpenTalent acts as an extended layer of on-demand talent to the existing workforce. Designed for companies that look to scale teams on the fly with people who feel and act like a trusted extension of a company's DNA.

Where <span>Trust
Is Everything.</span>

Where Trust
Is Everything.

When companies hire new people, the need for trust is paramount. At OpenTalent, everything we do is designed to instil trust. From an invite-only talent marketplace to next-generation talent verification to robust security protocols powering our tech.

Hire From Europe's
<span>Trusted Talent Network.</span>

Hire From Europe's
Trusted Talent Network.

OpenTalent offers access to an invite-only network of high-skilled people across Europe that offer their services and skills on-demand. Leverage our 'talent-led' recruitment system to find perfect candidates within 24 hours.

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<span> Experts.</span>

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helping companies find & hire top talent.
Available 24/7/365 to guide clients
in building teams, on-site or remote,
every step of the way to success.

On-Demand Workforce

On-Demand Workforce

Automate workflows and data streams through direct integrations with leading HCM technologies like SAP SuccessFactors and Workday and popular collaboration tools like ZOOM and Slack.

Trusted Skills, On-Demand.

Build, Manage and Scale an On-Demand Workforce with OpenTalent.

Compliancy Ensure 100% compliance with company and regulatory requirements.

Transparency Get insights on people, practices, performance and productivity.

Security Enterprise-grade data protection and cloud infrastructure.

Brokerage End-to-end payrolling and talent contract management.

Invite-Only Acces to trusted recommended talent only.

Automation Integrate effortlessly with leading Enterprise HCM applications.

Cost savings Benefit from lower blended rates by hiring top talent remotely.

Scalability Turn your workforce into a marketplace of skills, for on-demand access at scale.

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