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We partner with ambitious companies to find, hire and build dedicated remote tech teams for explosive product growth.


Every business is a technology business. So business growth ties to product growth.
But the war for talent is real and scaling in-house tech teams almost impossible. 
It's time for a new way of organizing your workforce.


1. PLANEvery project starts with a Delivery Manager and client working hand-in-hand to draft the perfect briefing of the work to be done, or the team members to be hired. Good planing is the starting point for every successful partnership.


2. FINDDelivery Managers will find the right team of product owners, designers and developers. Every recruit already passed our rigorous screening process and was tested on coding skills using HackerRank. We'll then invite a final selection of recruits to vist the client for 2-3 days for interviews and on-boarding.

3. SCALE: Clients get access to an up-to-date tracking system to monitor the progress of teams as well as a communication tool to connect with each team member. Delivery Managers run day-to-day management of teams and provide clients with on-premise support for feedback and questions.


Development of a D2C mobile and web platform for a fast-growing startup. The Delivery Manager (an experienced Product Owner) oversees a team of 3x back-end developers (.NET Core), 1x front-end developer (angular) and 1x UX/UI designer. Team members are located in The Netherlands and Portugal.

Development of an innovative digital product experience for a large company. The Delivery Managers oversees a team of 3x back-end developers (Python), 2x front-end developer (angular) and 1x UI/UX designer. Team members are located in The Netherlands, France and Portugal.

The Open WorkForce™

Welcome to our community of top talented designers, developers and project managers that work together to build digital products for startups, agencies and corporates. Our rigorous screening process, based on background checks, code testing and personal interviews, ensures every member meets the highest standards. We thrive on working with the best!

Screenings - including background checks, profile testing, interviews and  reverse 360° analysis.

Bonuses - for merit-based incentives, team milestones and introducing new members to the community.

Team building - local meetups for face-to-face engagement, annual get togethers for the whole community.

"We find, hire, build and manage freelance teams for companies of the now"

- OpenTalent